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CzechMates QuadraTile Matt Opaque Jet Black

CzechMates QuadraTile Matt Opaque Jet Black

Ref: CMQ-M2398

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The CzechMates QuadraTile bead is a four holed tile, part of the CzechMates Beading System, with the same perfect hole spacing giving you enhanced design flexibility.
The low profile thickness and flat surface area make the QuadraTile a universal component that adds structural integrity and connectivity without bulk. It's a great base plate for arches and foundations in dimensional designs.
This colour is sold in a ziplock bag.

Approximate weight: 7.5 grams

Approximate number of beads: 60

Dimensions: 6 x 6mm, 2mm thick

Price: 2.20 (Includes VAT at 20%)



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