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CzechMates Bar Transparent Champagne Lustre

CzechMates Bar Transparent Champagne Lustre

Ref: CMBR-14413

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The CzechMates Two Holed Bar bead, a dainty little connector, is a powerful dimensional tool that seamlessly integrates into any form of beadwork. Its contemporary shape adds understated elegance whether it is being used in simple stringing designs, intricate bezels, or three-dimensional components.
They share the same perfect hole spacing as other CzechMates Beading System giving you enhanced design flexibility.
CzechMates Bar beads are sold in flip top boxes. The beads are packed loosely to avoid damage and settling may occur.

Approximate weight: 7.5 grams

Approximate number of beads: 100

Dimensions: 6 x 3mm, 2mm thick

Price: 2.20 (Includes VAT at 20%)



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