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Miyuki 4x7mm Long Magatama 24kt Gold Plated Matt

Miyuki 4x7mm Long Magatama 24kt Gold Plated Matt

Ref: LMA191F

Miyuki Long Magatamas are petal shaped beads with an offset hole. The extra glass in the long magatama results in enhanced sparkle. You can use the beads leaning the same way for a sleek look or randomly for an organic look. Useful with all beadweaving stitches they also make beautiful ropes with Kumihimo.

Colour Number: 191F

Approximate weight: 7.5 grams

Approximate number of beads: 60

Dimensions: 4mm x 7mm

This colour may come off with strong or prolonged friction

This colour may be changed by bleach or oxidation over time

Price: 16.80 (Includes VAT at 20%)



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