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CzechMates Patterns - Free only with purchases of CzechMates beads

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Buy any ONE item from the CzechMates system and get one of the following printed patterns FREE.
Now available with purchases of only ONE item from the CzechMates system.

You need to buy one CzechMates item for EACH pattern: CzechMates is a brand of two holed beads. Not all two holed beads are part of the CzechMates system.

Click on the images for more information about each pattern.

*Qualifying beads have 'CzechMates' in their product name. NOTE THAT NOT ALL TWO HOLED BEADS ARE CZECHMATES BRAND.

The website cannot stop patterns being added to orders that don't have sufficient qualifying beads but we will not include them with your order. Please do not add them if you have not bought CzechMates beads.
We will add more Trendsetter patterns to this section. Please let us know if there are any that you would like to see.

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