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Shaped Seed Beads

This section contains beads that are made by pulling glass: Charlottes, Hex cut, Bugles, Cubes, Magatamas and Drops and Farfalle and Berry beads.
If you can't see the bead you are looking for here, try the Pressed Bead section.
CzechMates and All Multi Holed Beads

CzechMates and All Multi Holed Beads

Click here for all multi holed seed beads and pressed beads: SuperDuos, Twin beads, Rulla beads, CzechMates Bars, Bricks, Daggers, Lentils, QuadraTile, Tile and Triangles, Piggy beads, Silky beads, Tila and Half Tila, Tile, Pyramid beads, Bi-Bo beads and Chexx beads.

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