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WildFire 0.15mm diameter 45.8m (50yds)

WildFire 0.15mm diameter 45.8m (50yds)

Ref: WILDF015

WildFire beading thread is a braided thread made of an advanced synthetic material, Spectra, with a smooth thermally bonded coating. This gives softness, flexibility, near zero stretch and a thread that cannot be pierced by a needle. It will not fray at the ends and is knottable. WildFire is becoming popular with bead designers in the US. Compared to Fireline, WildFire is softer, stronger, less likely to kink and the colour doesn't come off in your hands as you work.

0.15mm WildFire has a breaking strength of 4.5kg and will fit through a size 12 or larger beading needle. If you have difficutly threading Wildfire through a beading needle after cutting try flattening the end with pliers first.
Reels contain 45.8m.

Select Colour:
WildFire 0.15mm diameter Black 45.8m (50yds) 9.25
WildFire 0.15mm diameter Grey 45.8m (50yds) 9.10

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